Rating Feedback for Dr. Leone (2625720)

The rating:
'I write this in hopes that I can help someone escape the hell I went through. I had a 'perfectly normal pregnancy' that led to being fully dilated at 26 wks. Dr leone was my OB and also happened to be the person performing my c-section. She gave me a vertical cut on the skin and cut a 'T' shaped on my uterus. I have spoken to at least 10 OBs to see if the vertical cut was necessary and they all confirm that she could have done the job with a horizontal cut on the exterior so I can avoid looking so ridiculous! Not to mention that the fact that her 'stitches' could have killed me with my second pregnancy. As she had failed to properly stitch the uterus which created a super thin wall on the left side an would have burst had I had any contractions with 2nd baby. Thank god for the planned. C section and other capable doctors. If you an avoid this person who just should not be a doctor, please do. You may regret going to her for the rest of your life, like I do.'

Sorry you had to go through what you did with her. She is a real idot I dealt with her 6 years ago and because of her I cant have kids she really screwed me up. She did a surgery for fibroid removal and really made a mess of things. Only to have a partial hysterctomy and to be hospitalized for her mishaps.I would LOVE TO LET ALL WOMEN KNOW TO KEEP AWAY