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'Dr.Q. is inconsistent in his results. My implants were contracting on one side and he removed them but made the scar very crooked and too low. I don't know what to do so haven't done anything. Just have to live with my disfigurement. He also made 2 scars on my midneck where he cauterized after my cord repair. The scars are very obvious. I will repair when I can afford it.'
When I first read the words, "inconsistent with his results," I thought that was too kind. But yes, I did get lucky and now have even, nicely shaped breasts. However, he did what he called a "crescent lift" so skin wouldn't bulge over my bra strap in the back, and that scar goes all the way into my arm pits. The scar from my tummy tuck is horrid and irregular, and goes over halfway around my sides. And I'm not a large woman who had to have lots of fat removed - just skin. When Dr. Quiroz made the incision, he severed sensory nerves in my right leg. The pain was terrible for the first two months, but now my thigh is just numb. I don't know if this will ever go away. The doctor who performed the revisions to the incisions on both sides of my breasts (and under one breast) almost fell out of his chair when he saw the photos. (I've received similar shocked responses from women on RealSelf). Oh, and I didn't mention how bizarre and ugly he left my "new" belly button. I'll have that fixed in October. I hope the reviews of Dr. Quiroz help other women avoid what I and these other two reviewers have experienced.