Rating Feedback for Dr. Quiroz (2604901)

The rating:
'Several procedures with Dr. Quiroz at CosMed, all with less than satisfactory results. Every procedure required revisions to "fix" uneven results with no warning that multiple revisions on the stomach can cause permanent, painful scar tissue. My last procedure should have been a simple revision to remove lumpy scar tissue and I got a serious infection that left me with a very large portion of my stomach having to be removed. I made multiple calls to CosMed's business manager and the doctor and finally got a call back diagnosing me over the phone with a buried stitch. My stomach is a mass of uneven scar tissue and I suffer from chronic pain due to adhesions. One of the procedures I had (reverse tummy tuck) was completely unecessary and cost over $7000 plus revisions. I requested my medical records several times as well as the legal document I signed stating my rights as a patient in Mexico but was never given these documents. Think twice before having surgery at CosMed.'
I tried to post a rating of Dr. Quiroz and wasn't able to because I happen to live in Portugal. Perhaps this will allow me to make some comments. First, everything stated in the review above is a true representation of how Dr. Quiroz operates, literally. He is slick - a smooth talker - and counts on women in our situation wanting to trust the doctor they've chosen. It breaks my heart to hear about the permanent damage that was done, and it's not the only case. Two friends I made in the Recovery Boutique are in much worse condition than I am. I had to have revision surgery because Dr. Quiroz left skin bulging out of the incision. When I sent him photos and talked to him on the phone, he told me that different parts of the body heal at different speeds. The surgeon who did the revision, and the two women who are helping me with the edema under the tummy tuck, were horrified when they saw the photos. The work Dr. Quiroz performs is butchery. You'd know if you could see my photos.