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'I just had liposuction done in 3 areas with Dr. I wasnt told how recovery process would be.I was not aware that swelling takes 6 months to a year to subside.Surgery was 3weeks ago and i am still very swollen in my abdomen.It's so uncomfortable that I am physically depressed and regret my decision to have this surgery.I wasn't aware that after procedure when patient is able to shower they should take it easy because dizziness occurs.I found out the hard way and freaked out and called him. I thought something was wrong.He said "oh that's completely normal"!Why was I not told before so I would have taken it easy.Dr. Taranow didn't tell me that after surgery I need a lymphatic drainage massage to help reduce swelling quicker. I found out after the surgery while looking for something else. If he told me about it before, my insurance would have been billed and I wouldn't have had to spend $700 on the massages. He has no communication skills and I regret doing surgery with Dr. Taranow ;('
I am amazed that the length of recovery was not discussed in detail during our intitial consultation. I tend to be brutally honest about procedures and the post operative course. It is unrealistic to have expectations that all of the swelling in any Plastic Surgical procedure would be resolved in three weeks! While most of the swelling is gone in 4-5 weeks, it is true that the remainder can take 6 to 12 months for the final results.

This is the same as a broken bone. It is placed in a cast for 6 weeks, then the cast is removed. This does not mean that the bone is completely healed, just that it is stable for you to be without a cast.

The lymphatic drainage is not a requirement. If a patient feels that the swelling is resolving too slowly, or is very uncomfortable, then I suggest it. I was not aware that medical coverage would pay for any procedure following a cosmetic surgery other than an emergency.

It is not uncommon to be light headed or dizzy following any surgical procedure or while on a narcotic pain medicine. I am supportive of all of my patients who experience any problems during their post operative course, however, I do not list all of the potictial issues you may encounter as their would be too many to list...this is why I give ALL of my patients my personal cell phone number so I am accessible DAY or NIGHT.

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