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'Hi, Being a surgeon myself, I knew how important it was to find a Dr. who had done hundreds of procedures with very few problems. I was fortunate to find Dr. Paul Kim right in my own backyard...well, almost; I practise in Toronto and Dr. Kim works in Ottawa, a five hour drive East...but is it ever worth it. Dr.Kim has the unusual combination of extremely high surgical skills coupled with a deep humility; something that is unfortunately all too rare in our profession. I am writing this in my hotel room here in Ottawa, five days post-op surgery on my left hip, fully ambulatory using just one crutch. Of course I am tired - this is after all a major surgery! Staples come out next week and then I'm back to T.O. to resume practice the following week. I'm looking forward to downhill skiing again with my son next winter. Good luck to all of you who are contemplating this wonderful procedure. If you can, try your best to get Dr.Kim to do it. Angus'
Yes, well lets see how you are feeling 8 months from now. It took that long for my resurfacing to start breaking down. I also am a healthcare professional. As an MD you should be aware that a true evaluation cannot be done prior to at least 8 mo's post-op. How unbelievably irresponsible of you to provide an evaluation prior to waiting for an appropriate post-op time period. I felt great at 3 mo's post-op also! People will read your eval and give it more credence because you are an MD. Dr. Kim does not appear to be doing any proper follow up to eval the success or failures of his surgeries....