Rating Feedback for Dr. Linehan (2624524)

The rating:
'I seen Dr. Linehan for Chronic Pain after major Chest surgeries and he did steroid spinal injections 3 times that were extremely painful and did not help at all. On the last injection my back got infected from shot and his office didn't return my calls. He put me on a nerve blocking medication that never helped the pain. He kept increasing the dosage so high that it caused liver damage. All the medication ever did was cause severe dizziness and gave me headaches and caused severe memory loss. I tried to address this issue with medication numerous times and he ignored me. Additionally I was scheduled for an afternoon appointment at 1pm and I showed up and the door was locked but no phone call to cancel the appointment. The office staff was rude and informed me the following day that Dr. Linehan had a personal matter and couldn't make the appointment. I drove 45 minutes away for that appointment and he didn't show. incompetent with medication and procedures for pain.'
Response from Dr. Ron Linehan:

We are sorry to hear of this patient's experience at Precision Pain Care. We strive to address each patient's pain as if he or she were a family member. I emphasize to each patient that my goal is to identify and treat the underlying cause of each patient's pain and treat it at the source, rather than cover up the symptoms.

This approach to pain management often involves minimally invasive procedures that can be uncomfortable while being performed, but rarely cause severe pain. To my knowledge, there has never been a documented case of infection from any procedure that I have performed. We take every precaution to use sterile techniques.

During the day, our office staff is often very busy concentrating on direct patient care, and sometimes we cannot answer phone calls while we are seeing patients. We make every effort to listen to voice mail several times each day and respond to every call either at mid-day or the end of each day. Although rare, any changes in our appointment schedule are relayed to our patients so we can reschedule as soon as possible.


Ron Linehan, MD
Medical Director
Precision Pain care