Rating Feedback for Dr. Kokan (1029722)

The rating:
'The receptionist is just rude and mean. She is argumentative, uncaring and seems to derive pleasure by harassing the patients. The first time I visited this office, I witnessed a patient being humiliated by her in a crowded lounge. I thought it could be a rare case. But soon I realized that she loves to pick up a fight with the patients. She does not need a reason to be mean and abusive. She started arguing with me when I asked for an alternate appointment date and then she hung up on me. I called her back and repeated my question. She then told me never to call her and to correspond with her by fax only! What a horrible person for a front desk staff. if you try telling Dr. kokan about her, he pretends not to hear and changes the topic . Dr. Kokan knows it and I think it is very unprofessional of him to subject his patients to such abusive treatment by his staff. This is wrong.'
I totally agree with you......she is such a witch. I won't be dealing with this dr. because of her. I can't be stressed out by such nasty person.