Rating Feedback for Dr. Swayze (2585848)

The rating:
'I've been a patient of Dr. Swayze's for 17 years now. She became my doctor as a teenager and now I bring my children to her. She is very helpful and approachable. Whenever she hasn't known something she's always looked it up or referred me to a specialist. To all the "haters" out there - good luck on finding another doctor in Niagara who actually cares about her patients.'
No one 'hates' on doctors who are genuine and helpful. Seeing her was one of the worst experiences of my life as she refused to work with my top-notch US doctors. I finally found someone who is compassionate, helpful and completely understanding. Have an unusual illness? Her ego gets in the way and she goes the AIYH route. too bad they don't teach doctors how to actually practice medicine vs. a text-book approach.