Rating Feedback for Dr. Habal (839432)

The rating:
'He has a big ego, and thinks he can do no wrong. Denies he botched surgery, saying it is suppose to look that way. I am still seeing other surgeons, trying to get somewhat of a normal look after his screw up. I never should have used him for a face lift after he had to re-do another surgery twice to get it right. It's just I read so much about him, and gave him another chance. Never again. He does so well with the poor deformed children he helps, but then I guess they are so bad to begin with, even if you make a mistake here and there while changing their looks for the better, no one is the wiser.'
I resent your distasteful comment immensely, seeing as I am one of those "poor deformed children who looked so bad to begin with that you cannot tell he made mistakes." You could have simply stated your displeasure with Dr. Habal, rather than degrading his other patients. Be a lady and have some class.