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The "Block Fee" he charges patients is MANDATORY for BASIC SERVICES. Three years ago I opted not to pay for it and next thing I know he announces to me that he's "retiring" and that I'll have to find another doctor. It's been three years and he has yet to "retire". Leaving me stranded without a doctor to prescribe me vital medications for a chronic illness that should NOT be stopped abruptly, I called him to ask him why he lied about his phony "retirement", and if he could extend my prescription. He refused. When I asked him if this perchance had anything to do with his "block fee" money-grabbing, likely illegal attempt to charge his patients an extra fee for BASIC SERVICES, and that I intend to report him to the College des Medecins du Quebec, he called the police, every other doctor I see, as well as the Quebec Bar falsely reporting that I had "threatened" him. He effectively blacklisted me because I caught on to his little "Block Fee" scheme. See more in responses...

I am presently in the course

I am presently in the course of taking legal action and reporting him to the College des Medecins du Quebec. I further intend to pursue him in civil court for medical malpractice. To any others who have gone through any similar experiences as I have, please feel free to contact me at

This madman picked the wrong LAWYER to mess with.

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