Rating Feedback for Dr. Alladin (1043806)

The rating:
'I'm curious about the glowing references that are posted here because my experience was far different. Every time I had an appointment, he was always running about 30 minutes - 1 hour behind. I have stopped seeing him but my mother accompanied a friend and was shocked that his punctuality had not improved. When I would finally get in to speak with him, he would pay very little attention to what I was saying and rush me out in 15 mins. He was very unhelpful, rude and condescending. Not the doctor that you want to go to if there is anything wrong with you or even for preventative medicine because he only gives you the easiest diagnosis to get you out. Last time I went to him, he raised his voice at me in front of the whole waiting area, all because I wanted him to go more in- depth with my tests or maybe even refer me to a specialist, since he didn't want to go beyond the surface. There are better doctors that actually care and ones that you don't have to pay for either.'
Extremely unethical. I am presently in the course of taking legal action and reporting him to the College des Medecins du Quebec. I further intend to pursue him in civil court for medical malpractice. To any others who have gone through any similar experiences as I have, please feel free to contact me at

This madman picked the wrong LAWYER to mess with.