Rating Feedback for Dr. Alladin (2401550)

The rating:
'It's all about the money indeed! My husband is a patient of Dr. Alladin. He spoke with his secretary (his wife) asking for the doctor to re-issue a referral he lost. No problem, as long as he made an appointment to see the doctor "for a few minutes". My husband just had an annual check-up a month ago, so this is all about swiping his card! We asked why he needed to see him for a few minutes - no explanation was given. My husband would have to miss half a day of work, because of course you can't make an appointment in the afternoon ever! And when I said this to his secretary/wife she HUNG UP on me! The service at the CLSC is way better than this.'
Extremely unethical. I am presently in the course of taking legal action and reporting him to the College des Medecins du Quebec. I further intend to pursue him in civil court for medical malpractice. To any others who have gone through any similar experiences as I have, please feel free to contact me at

This madman picked the wrong LAWYER to mess with.