Rating Feedback for Dr. Atwal (2602272)

The rating:
'I am not going to this Doctor anymore. I have had continual problems over the last 5 with my health. Atwal treated me as if I was an idiot, talked down to me and left me with impression that I was not trusted. I do not like him. He is a pretenscious ass, and his attitude towards me is one of aloof disdain. I wanted a doctor who cares about MY health, not act as a barrier to getting assistance. He has never recommended a checkup, referred me or made any suggestions about what I should be doing for my health. He is a family doctor, I was planning on seeing him for years, I want to know my caretaker actually gives a damn. I cannot stand his smug and condescending attitude towards me. I have finally had enough with him and I am going to another Doctor. If you have good service from him, you are probably rich or professional career, as then you are one of his people. He has made it clear though that I am not to be treated with any mutual respect, so F*** you atwal, good riddance.'
Couldn't agree more...started taking my child to him after he was cut-off from the pediatrician and have nothing but bad experiences with him. Not taking anything seriously whenever I have taken my child there - questioning me as if I am an idiot, instead of the mother and worst of all, dismissing any and all of my concerns as utter silliness IN FRONT of my young teenage son. He said there was no need for any type of checkups, didn't want family history and has never even read the files sent over from the pediatrician where it indicated a few diagnosed conditions which we went for further treatment from Atwal on and his response was "what makes you think he has this?" Very smug, very condescending and no suggestions or help at all with my son's recent issues. That, despite a phone call in which I conveyed my parental worries over what could be going on prior to the appt. where I also asked that he run blood work specifically. Instead, he openly dismissed all of my concerns and made me feel like an idiot. No blood work was ordered until 2 more weeks passed and then he suggested "it might be a good idea to run blood work"!! I, too, felt very dismissed and disdained. It felt like he couldn't care less and we were wasting his time, that he had more 'important patients' to take care of or that I was a hypochondriac mother. This doesn't even factor in the ridiculous part time hours/days he works. I waited 3 weeks for a return phone call. Couldn't be more disappointed in the experience and will be changing doctors as well... Love his staff though - super helpful and accommodating.