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The rating:
'I was a patient of Dr Hill but left as I do not have dental coverage and he was all about money.He wanted to replace all of my perfectly good fillings.I found him to be arrogant and uncaring.He was showed no empathy with my son who was having an extraction and was feeling sick,he was more concerned with the potential of him throwing up on him than he was about a 5year olds well being.He also referred me to the most expensive orthodontist in Langley for my son's braces.I find Dr Hill slimy and thinks he is all that.'
I'm a past Vice President of a major media company in Vancouver, recently retired. I've been a patient of Dr Hill's for 10 years and have recommended him to my colleagues, family and closest friends. To suggest his primary interest is money borders on slanderous. Patients that really know Dr Hill know his primary interest is the well being of his patients. To that end he's invested countless hours attending learning facilities throughout North America to bring the lastest and best care approaches to his patients. In addition, any sensible person can quickly see a huge investment in technology throughout his offices to ensure the best treatment options for his patients. Frankly, I'm appalled by the irresponsible comments made on this board by people emboldened by anonymity. So come out from under your rock. Let's see who you are. I didn't think you would....slimy indeed.