Rating Feedback for Dr. Wilner (2123735)

The rating:
'I started seeing Dr. Wilner because he came into my workplace. I was assured by he and his staff that my wellness visits would be COMPLETELY covered by my insurance plan. Well, I've since found out they aren't. To the tune of over $16,000 for just 20 visits. I've stopped seeing him and every day I'm getting phone calls from his office trying to schedule me in for more appointments. I haven't received a direct bill from him yet, but when I do it's going to take me probably 10 years to pay it off! Unbelievable how betrayed I feel now that I've gotten the paperwork from my insurance company showing how much he charged per visit. For 2 minutes of service more than $800 a pop!?!?'
I apologize for the misunderstanding and I wish you had brought this issue to us. What our billing company charges insurance has nothing to do with a patient. Your only responsibility to us is your copay, and if the copay seems daunting (as most patients come in 3x a week) then a payment plan can be arranged.

Our goal is to improve the quality of life of others, we are not after your money, we look to better your life and help you live pain free.
The office is open Mon, Wed, Fri:9am-6pm and Tues:3pm-6pm. Call 2039295500 and ask for Nicole. You and I will discuss this further. I assure you, it is not what it seems and you will NOT receive a $16,000 bill.