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'I went to Dr. Peppy 3 times... initially I loved him! He changed his tune when I was trying to conceive. Only 2 months into the process, I thought I was pregnant. I missed my period and was having a lot of symptoms, but I never tested positive. I scheduled an appointment. He did not examine me (I remained fully clothed), despite that I had pelvic pain. He chastised me for "making up" my symptoms because evidently he had fertility problems and his wife started to think she was pregnant after 2 years of trying (I was only 2 months in - far from a hysterical pregnancy). He even walked out of my room to see another patient! I left upset and confused. I called his office one more time, when after 50 days I still didn't have a period and my pelvic pain had progressed. I was told that he would not see me unless I was pregnant. I have since been diagnosed (by another Dr.) with PCOS - a serious (fertility) issue. Ovarian cysts were causing the pain and hormonal imbalance. DON'T GO HERE!'
Your experience with him sounds very similar to mine. Despite having every pregnancy symptom, he refused to help me since I did not have a positive pee-on-a-stick test. Turned out I was pregnant, but it was an ectopic!