Rating Feedback for Dr. Brink (2435382)

The rating:
'Dr. Brink is a Horrible psychiatrist. No social skills, none. Very cold demeanor. Gets frustrated with the client when her suggestions are not applicable. Tells the client he is "all excuses". God forbid the brain be more complicated than just one 30 minute session. Doesn't like the client to voice concern over strong medication suggestions, like Lithium. When she deems the client to not be compliant because a solution hasn't been met in the first meeting, she interrupts the client, stands up abruptly, and waves her finger to the door while coldly saying "thank-you". Yup, my opinion is biased, but I still would say she is a detriment to anyone who suffers with mental illness and a danger to anyone who is suicidal (not myself right now, thank goodness). I waited 9 months for this appointment. I walk away from this experience feeling like a failure and a quitter to all my pursuits. I walk away feeling my illness is my fault"'
I completely agree with you! She is a NASTY person, and should be stripped of her title.