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The rating:
'Dr. Neary started out well, but seems to have burned out, probably because he is overbooked. His receptionist, Shirley, should be sent for customer service training. Alternative medicine works, and Dr. Neary does not seem to be keeping up his knowledge in this area. He should consider adding a Nurse Practioner to his staff, both to better serve his patients and to keep his practice current.'
Dr. Neary is a most wonderful Doctor. He is so knowledgeable and caring.
I do not find the wait too long as I realize that their are other people needing him also. You must be one of those who has nothing better to do but waste a good Doctor's time with frivolous issues. If you want alternative medicine then stop wasting my money and pay for your petty problems yourself and see a naturopathic doctor, you won't have to wait long for an appt. there Shirley has always been a wonderful person as you would find out if you truly ever had something wrong and needed things done fast. I could not ask for anyone more professional and compassionate than Dr. Neary and Shirley. They make a great team.