Rating Feedback for Dr. Shapiro (2429629)

The rating:
'I went for a breast CONSULTATION and left DR Shapiro's office feeling less than adequate. Most of the staff were cold and had quick fake smile. Dr Shapiro seem like a nice man but the impression i got was he did not want to deal with my case. Don't tell me i have beautiful a face but can't do anything "to make my breast match my face".OUCH! Hello, that's the reason why i'm getting an augmentation. he pretty brushed me off and then given some ridiculous quote that does not make sense. I've been to other docs.I can afford it but to just brush me off with "other fees" you can't explain in addition to your surgeon's fee is low and condescending! I was pretty much told i will be charged too much cos they service high end customers. Then referred to another doctor who "specialized" in the type of augmentation I wanted which was fair. No effort was put into getting me in contact with so called doc. good business means putting people you can't help with someone who can. NO KNOWLEDGE SHOWN!'
I had the same bad experience.The staff is horrid! Ugly, old, and snotty. I actually liked Dr. Shapiro. But his staff is nasty. There is no way I would choose him as my doctor with a staff like that. The patient coordinator didn't even wait for me to leave before she started talking about me to another employee. I waited 2hours to be seen, then a brief meeting with the doctor, then rushed out the door. Why would a talented man like that doctor have such unattractive, unfriendly women work for him?? It just doesn't make sence. Why is it that all the ugly, rude woman get the jobs?? Anyway, terrible staff. Sad part is I would have used him if the staff would have been decent. But they were so rude and fake it scared me. I am still looking for a doctor, and might just go out of state.