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'I am 31 years old and Dr Sanchez was my pediatrician from birth until I was about 14. The sexual abuse allegations come as no surprise to me as I NEVER felt comfortable with him and I always boiled it down to being an awkward child. However, my gut instinct at even a young age of 5, made my skin crawl whenever he examined me. Thank god my mother was so overprotective to never let me out of her sight! He also tended to give the biggest wet and sloppy kisses - completely unprofessional and creepy!'
The kisses are a Latin American thing. This is how people greet each other, even in professional settings. It's part of the culture. He has never made me feel less than comfortable, he's a great doctor who doesn't just take care of his patients, he CARES ABOUT them.

You should have asked your

You should have asked your mother to take you to a regular GP. Why keep to endure "wet and sloppy" kisses? Come on girl....wake up. If it was so uncomfortable, why did not share this strongly with you Mom????

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