Rating Feedback for Dr. McCance (1579235)

The rating:
'Vilma is the insurance woman in Dr. McCance's office, and she is such an unresponsive, rude nightmare that you should avoid Dr. McCance if you are using insurance to pay for surgery. She kept me in agony for literally years as my insurer disputed multiple claims billed to it by Vilma and Dr. McCance. She keeps referring to decisions by her "supervisor," whom she will not name, and keeps insisting that you should pay back tens of thousands of dollars to the insurer. Never again. Opt for a doctor with a competent staff for a decision this big.'
Vilma's supervisor name is now posted to his web site, doesn't mean she is ready to assist in any problems. I doubt that she has the knowledge required for her position.
You are correct, his front desk is very pleasant to deal with, business office there is completely incompetent and happy to be so.