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'I just had a second injection-I think he is a genius, and kind, caring man. I had severe, life altering pain in my leg due to entrapped nerves. I tried several specialist (Orthopedist, Neurologist, Pain Specialist, Chiropractor, Physical Therapist). None of them could solve or fix this long term. Just meds/therapy. Limited relief. Dr. Filler, after a physical exam, and looking at my latest tests, said, "I can fix this". Dr. Filler rescued me from pain. YES! billing is confusing, and maybe incompetent. After the MRNeurogram, and first injection Jan. 2012, I received 75% relief. I let bill insurance with a special phone number given by Blue Shield, as I had one an appeal through the state of CA for this treatment. It did get complicated. I went for my 2nd injection yesterday, after my 2nd appeal. This time Blue Shield that I could pay first, and submit my own bills for reimbursement to them. Much cleaner, discounted-cash price. FYI: Dr. Filler has written Neurosurgery Textbooks.'
I recently had the MR neurography scans and live in NY. I went to Johns Hopkins hoping they could help me, but they could not. I am considering flying out to see Dr. Filler since I have had several types of injections in NY with no relief, and I was wondering what type of injection did you get relief from? Was it the type of medicine or the location that made the difference? I have been in pain since I was injured in 2011, spent close to $30,000 of my entire life savings, lost 70 lbs., unable to work, live in constant pain and looking for answers anywhere I can get them. Thanks in Advance.