Rating Feedback for Dr. Venugopal (2543419)

The rating:
'Dr. Venugopal is rude and incompetent. FOUR failed surgeries to repair bunions by fusion/hardware. Hardware was protruding from the side of my foot and he failed to respond to a req to remove it clearly because in my opinion he knew that the 4th surgery was botched as well. In the interim I got another surgeon and on the day of my surgery Dr. Venugopal's assist who is as ignorant as he is phoned my house at 9:00 pm from her own residence to say that I can come in for hardware removal. Coincidence? I think not. I had spoken to a lawyer who advised that there could be percieved failure to follow up but when he asked what the docs name was he then advised that he could not continue the conversation as Venugopal was his client. I believe that Venugopal was advised to follow up & seeing that the new surgeon had successfully did the surgery I got the late night phone call on the nite of my surgery. When his assistant called I advised that I would not take the fammily dog to him.'
Thank you for thinking so much of your dog that you wouldn't take him to this Dr.
I've not had the misfortune of having seen this so called Dr.
My sister in law has and a few good friends as well...I let people know about him...How can he be stopped there are so many people out there who are not aware of how awful he is???

So So Sad...