Rating Feedback for Dr. BLACK (2407754)

The rating:
'This is a patient mill, plain and simple. You WILL get the hard sell and will be harrassed into bringing your spouse/family/friends/dog/cat/baby and anything else with a pulse into his office for treatment. He will try to sell you on a treatment "contract" and will not take no for an answer! Went 4 times and adjustments on average lasted about 3 minutes with the remainder of the time spent trying to get you to buy some expensive package or products. I finally stopped going for the pure fact that I was annoyed at being "sold" something from the time I walked into the office, until the time I left. I have finally found a REAL chiropractor who is into treating patients for an actual condition rather than trying to sell you "lifestyle" or "wellness" 500 visit per year packages for 1/2 money up front and 2 easy installments of hundreds of dollars each. There are legitimate chiros out there...do yourself a favor and find one because this ain't it.'
Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback. As difficult as it may be to hear sometimes, I regularly encourage all my patients to leave me feedback so that we can continue to deliver excellent customer service.

What you're saying is certainly new feedback. In all my years of surveying patients, I've never heard any of that before. I do appreciate your frankness, and I wish you the best of luck with your care.

Dr. Jason Black