Rating Feedback for Dr. BLACK (2636475)

The rating:
'I totally agree with the previous comment. Beware of him. He plays with human psychology and sets a trap so that people will fall into the trap. He is the most unethical doctor I have ever seen. Here is how he does it: He will first give some promotion of $35 or $50 for first time check up. Then he will ask you to come with your spouse for the next visit where he will share the results. This is a trap as most of the spouse will be really worried and persuade you to spend any outrageous amount he would have quoted. He will show the results of thermal scan with black and red lines. Now I know, the thermal scan he does will show some problem with most adults. He will show you that you have difference in weight between your legs which is a fact with everyone(ask him to stand on the scale and see the reading). I have more problems with my back before I started going to him and he drained my HRA account(without my consent) even after getting money from me in cash and from insurance.'
I remember things differently. I treated you for an extended period of time, and you seemed quite happy with the results.

I think the real issue was that your insurance company benefits reset after the new year and you had a deductible.

I'm sorry that the insurance system in America has to be so complicated. We give it our all, every day, to help patients get better. And billing & insurance is one of those things that we have no control over. It's all between you and your insurance company.

Because you saw us for quite a while, we went above and beyond to reduce the bill when your insurance company said they wouldn't pay. You told me--after we gave you that adjustment--that everything was okay. So, I'm not sure exactly where this review is coming from.

If you feel that there is more to discuss, please call me at 972-409-0016.

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. I wish you the best of luck for the future.

Dr. Jason Black