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'I had been wanting to do breast augmentation surgery since I started growing breasts. I unfortunately got stuck with tuberous breasts, which I hated!!! I'm a very picky person therefore picking my surgeon was a BIG deal I went to several consultations and Dr. Horowitz was my last one, I knew from the second I started speaking to him that I wanted him to perform my surgery. He was such a friendly doctor, took the time to actually talk to me and answered every question I had. His staff was also amazing, everyone was friendly and nice (I had gone to consultations where the staff was rude and didnt care for the patient). The office is also beautiful and very clean. Everything about doctor Horowitz felt right. And now only a week after my surgery I could not be happier with my results. My breasts look beautiful, FINALLY!! I had a breast augmentation mastopexy with a periareolar incision behind the muscle. My recovery is going very well and I've gone to my first post op & everythings great!'
Hi, I had Dr. Horowitz for a rhinoplasty and he did a good job, I am looking to do a breast augmentation with him as well. Please tell more about how it went with you. Thanks