Rating Feedback for Dr. Archer (2613957)

The rating:
'I went to see Dr. Archer a few times and noticed that none of the staff was ever the same; from receptionist to hygienist. Looks like there's a lot of turnover there. Also, I booked an appt. over a week in advance and was charged an emergency fee of $125 which I questioned but was told it was because I booked the appt. with a problem that needed addressing. She tried to do it a second time, but I questioned it again. I have since discovered that a fee like that should only be charged if it is a same day booking. Check your bill and make sure you or your insurance provider are not being over charged.'
Like any business we have had some turnover, especially as we move to ensure that we have the right team to address the growth because of the many referrals that we receive from patients.
As for billings, we are always very honest and careful about them. When patients have questions about charges and insurance coverage, we take the time to explain all the details so that we are fully transparent and our patients are completely informed. I want our patients to feel well cared for and feel comfortable and that they truly value our service and quality.
Dr. Natalie Archer