Rating Feedback for Dr. KLEMONS (2614897)

I would not go to Dr. Klemons. After being examined by Dr. Klemons I have tmj so he wanted me to do the treatment. I asked him several times how much it would coast and he would not tell me. Then I sat down with the secretary who did the financial part and she revealed the coast of treatment which would be $7,000 and they are not through insurance. My first visit I got a CT scan and he didnt tell me where on the scan it revealed I had tmj and went into detail about my hyoid bone and other pointless things on the scan. The last part of the first visit is when they discuss how much it will coast. Well I decided to talk it over with my parents and Dr. Klemons got very defensive and started saying that surgery will be so much more then his treatment. Meanwhile there's a chance that the treatment will not work and I wasted 7,000 dollars. His office was not even crowded I was the only patient there. Honestly, that is a warning sign right there. I would defiantly search for another doctor!'[/color]
We apologize for not giving you the great experience which you deserve. Patients come to Dr. Klemons for his expertise and to get better. He does not handle the finances. He has diagnosed and treated conditions such as yours for over 40 years. In order to recommend treatment likely to be successful, a diagnosis (involving tests such as a CBCT scan) is necessary. Such tests do incur bills. Insurance typically pays for diagnostics and treatments, but some insurance policies are cheaper than others and consequently pay less or nothing. The same is true for numerous other conditions.

TMJ is actually the name of a joint - the temporomandibular joint. However, many patients come to us identifying their condition as 'TMJ' even though there are many other factors which enter into their condition and diagnosis. In discussing your condition, his main goal was to give you guidance on what was causing your pain, and how to best treat it, if possible without surgery. He believed that showing you the position of your hyoid bone and related muscles you would have a better understanding. We apologize if that point was not clear enough or if any question went unanswered. He has enormous experience eliminating craniofacial pain and our patients literally travel here from all over the U.S. and around the world. His recommended treatments are generally non-surgical. This approach is much less invasive and much less expensive than surgery.

He does surgery for certain conditions and we do the extensive rehab treatment for others. His goal was to point out that prompt treatment is likely to save you time, numerous visits, and money. He apologizes if he sounded defensive regarding surgery. He has no reason to be defensive. Patients are typically appreciative of the fact that we avoid surgery except in the most severe cases.

As far as crowding of the office, there are times when every room is filled. We have almost 30 staff members who work hard to assure prompt, courteous, and successful diagnosis and treatment, and insurance coverage for those with quality plans.

YOUR health - as well as the health of ALL of Dr. Klemons' patients - are truly his main concern. All of this said, we invite you to call us at your convenience so we can answer any other questions you may have.