Rating Feedback for Dr. Isherwood (2559105)

The rating:
'Dr Isherwood is a great surgeon. Which is all she seems to like doing. She seems to be very pro c-sections and scheduled my c-section based on exaggerated problems. She made my blood pressure problems seem bigger than they truly were and scared me into a c-section. I understand why she is very pro c-section, she is so busy, always running late and if all her Mum's laboured she couldn't keep up with her appointments. She did do a very good job on my c-section, she is a fabulous surgeon and if I needed to have a c-section she would be who I would choose. But if you are looking for a kind, caring OB who will support you and make birthing choices based on your wants, needs and what is best for you and your baby then Dr Isherwood is not the Dr for you.'
Ive seen Dr. Isherwood quite a few times, you have to keep into consideration how busy her days are. Shed be running late from her patients running late too. Its not all her fault. Ive seen her work, and she works hard and does the best she can for her patients. Maybe she wanted to do a C-Section for you because it was safer than natural birth? Be happy that everything went well and you have a healthy child. Never had a problem with her & never heard anything bad by her! Remember that next time instead of sitting behind a computer rating a doctor.