Rating Feedback for Dr. Isaacson (1702539)

The rating:
'I was w/ Dr. for 11 years; I invested $31,000 in bridges, crowns, root canals, cleanings, etc. My smile looked great! A crown came off and I had to plead to get an appointment! It was so strange I took my next cleaning elsewhere. Xrays revealed long-term decay under bridges and crowns that JOE IGNORED FOR YEARS! I have had to have 5 upper teeth pulled; bone transplanted; 2 lower teeth pulled and 14 new crowns + implants = $55,000! I trusted this dentist for years only to lose most of my teeth!!! I had three consultations after 11 years with Dr. Joe. All three were shocked. They had never seen a patient left in such a poor condition. $55,000 and one year to repair the damage done by Dr. Joe's disregard.'
I told this patient several times she need to have these teeth repaired,however she didn't want to do any treatment.