Rating Feedback for Dr. Turner (2626476)

The rating:
'I had my breast augmentation back in December, they are never late for appointments always on time or ahead of time, when I thought I was having a problem after my surgery I called his cell number and he assured me nothing was wrong (which there wasn't), went for my follow up in January and then last week and everything was fine, I'm happy with the results, and when I asked him if I needed a lift he said no, if he wanted to make money off of me he would of said yes. His staff afterwards would always respond to my questions...yes I do agree sometimes he may not be too friendly, but I didn't go to Dr Turner's office to make friends, and even when I asked if I wanted a revision to have larger implants he said I didn't need them as my body frame is small...he may not spend much time on appointments but really how much time do you think he needs to look and make sure everything is okay and I don't feel the need for it or have the time if he had taken longer.'
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