Rating Feedback for Dr. Lomonaco (2465700)

The rating:
'Dr. LoMonaco is an excellent surgeon and one of THE most experienced in working with patients who have had massive weight loss. I had a lower body lift 6 weeks ago and am still in the process of healing and follow-up care but have been extremely pleased with his expertise, his caring, down-to-earth manner, and his respect for me as a patient. He takes plenty of time to answer questions and respond to concerns. When evaluating a plastic surgeon it is important to consider not only the quality of the surgery performed (which was excellent), but the quality of the follow-up care. Dr. LoMonaco is truly available to his patients, deeply knowledgeable, and works collaboratively to ensure that you are happy with your result. I had some problems with the hospital and with communication with one staff member, but Dr. LoMonaco took responsibility and remedied these situations right away. I had interviewed several surgeons and I definitely feel that I made the right choice for this major surgery.'
UPDATE 4-27-13
After healing from my LBL surgery in September, I was delighted with the results for my abdomen and torso, and Dr. LoMonaco did remove a lot from my thighs and as much as possible from the buttocks. However, the skin on my thighs did not fully adhere back to the underlying muscle tissue as it should have during the healing process, and Dr. L and I decided together that a follow-up surgery would be beneficial in correcting this problem. So, I had a second surgery with him in March, and am now nearly recovered from that, with a very good improvement. He did not charge me for the second surgery and covered part of the hospital costs as well. Despite the fact that it would have been better not to have had to have a second surgery to get a complete result, the issue I had was not anyoneâ??s fault, it was just the way my body healed, and Dr. LoMonacoâ??s care for me has been exemplary in every way. I have not paid him anything since the initial surgery and yet have been seeing him as often as needed since then, sometimes once every week or two, to ensure that I was healing properly. Let me tell you â?? when you first think about choosing a surgeon, you may be inclined to compare costs and what they say they will deliver, as indeed you should, but I am now aware of how critically important it is to know the reputation of the surgeon in terms of how he/she will care for you if everything doesnâ??t go perfectly, after the money is in their bank account, when you need to be seen more often than expected or to have an unexpected problem solved. These are things you may not think about up front as you envision your â??perfectâ?? new body. But I am now even more sure than ever that I made the right choice in Dr. LoMonaco. He has provided excellent, compassionate, responsive and skillful care all the way through this long process, and for that I will always be grateful. I canâ??t say how it would have been if I had chosen another surgeon, but at this point, I give my highest recommendation to Dr. LoMonaco. I also love Michelle, the massage therapist at Dr. Lâ??s office who does lymphatic drainage massage. She is awesome too!