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'This Doctor should have his liscence revoked. My father had prostate issues. He had a Turp procedure by Doctor Mak to reduce the swelling in his prostate. After the procedure was done Dr.Mak told my family that he had scrapped and removed part of my dads prostate and should going forward have no problems with urinating. Dr Mak informed us that my father might have some clotting in his urine over the next few weeks but it would pass. 3 weeks after the procedure my Dad was unable to urinate and we brought himto a hospital in Newmarket as Dr Mak was away on March Break. My father had to have a catheter inserted as the clots were so large he was unable to pass them on his own. The hospital staff had trouble inserting the catheter and the procedure was done a few times before successful. The urologist on staff had to go in and do another Terp becasue the clots would not drain through the catheter and he thought my dad had a burst blood vellel in his bladder/prostate. Once the procedure'
We had even worse experience with this Dr.Mak, he lost more than the patient's total blood volume in less than 40 minutes. The patient's rectum was perforated after the surgery. He did not state facts in his operative report. He habitually lied to family members. Dr. Mak, in my opinion is the most incompetent and most dishonest doctor I know, I am a doctor myself and I have worked with many urologists, never seen one like Dr. Mak. Spread the news, don't let any one else be his victim. I agree with you, he should have his license revoked. But Canadian government is protecting doctors at the expense of our innocent citizens.

A friend also had similar

A friend also had similar problem with Dr. Mak. He had bleeding after the procedures and he also visited emergency.


If you have filed complaints

If you have filed complaints against Dr. Mak with the CPSO (College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario), the Ontario Hospital Association requests that you let the hospital where Dr. Mak practices in know of your filing.

The coldbloodsurgery blog on

The coldbloodsurgery blog on Dr. Victor Mak's surgical incompetence and professional misconduct and how he's again shielded by a culture of collusion has been updated.


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