Rating Feedback for Dr. Krishnamurthy (2617802)

The rating:
'I am actually very surprised at the large number of positive comments!! This doctor didn't help me at all. He didn't listen to me at all, didn't investigate me, didn't answer to my questions. He told me he would have only 5 minutes for me (new patient!) and if I'm not satisfied, to go somewhere else. During my last appointments, the waiting time has been approx. 3 1/2 hours. From my point of view, one of the worst doctors I have ever met. Before see me he asked his assistant where I'm from?!!! Is it important to you Dr. that all your patients were from your originality!? so come back to your country!!I will never come back to him.'
The very fact that you say that there are a lot of positive comments and yours stands out as a sore thumb speaks for itself! I am not one to look at ratings and boost my ego. I would like to improve the quality of my service to patients and teach residents and students the best medicine by 'role modeling'. I agree patients at times wait a long period of time not because of inefficiency but due to the time we take to sort their problems. In effect we (my team) give the time that is necessary for every patient. I have never in my entire life told a patient that I have only two minutes or five minutes and I condemn those who do it. I am from a small town India and will never ask me anyone of their background unless it is of interest and not for putting them down!I am not even sure that you saw me or someone else as your commentary does not at all reflect. If your comments are true, I would like to see you once again and rectify the problem. Instead stop acting like a coward and coming up with slanderous remarks online!