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'I was sent to Dr.Ingram for consultation about my kidney from Dr. who is chairman of St.Josefâ??s Hamilton Nephrology department by requisition of my GP. Dr. Ingram is Doctor and Trouble Shutter who based his decision not over the requested from him tests (most newest results) of urine and blood but on result from previous tests and examinations from 2002/2004 (now is 2011). He did not tell me to continue to take the same medications with the same frequency (prescribed from my GP), or to change them or whatever. The secretary do not care what patients availability is, all notices and messages lived to her are going in the garbage bin. My advice is if you have chance to avoid Dr. Ingmar as consultant and to deal with his office avoid this, as well as if you can avoid St.Josefâ??s Hamilton Nephrology department and go to other town/hospital in Ontario. The secretary of the department has the same habits to drop every notice from the patients in the garbage bin.'
how about learn how to express yourself with correct spelling etc....Dr. Ingram and staff are excellent and perhaps it is your comprehension that is lacking