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'Dr Kozminski did not take the time to research what was wrong with me. He took diagnosis of another provider without running the proper test which delayed my treatment and cost my insurance company more money to find someone who would do the job. Come to find out I have Multiple Sclerosis which could have been diagnosed a year ago and helped with all my pain. I would not reccomend him to anyone.'
I do apoligize for your experience. Be aware that a diagnosis is not made in one visit and many tests have to be performed before arriving at a correct diagnosis. MS follows a strict set of criteria called the McDonald Criteria. It is exceptionally rare that I would diagnosis MS without first performing a lumbar puncture for CSF analysis. First, we had asked you to complete a number of labs to further investigate your condition, which you failed to do, so please do not mislead readers of this forum by implying that we did not further research your condition. Second, our clinic has only existed in Killeen for about nine months and we did not start seeing you as a patient until last month, so again, please do not mislead readers by implying that we misdiagnosed you a year ago. Lastly, your post on this forum was eight days after we had last seen you in the clinic. I find it highly unlikely that within 8 days you managed to see another neurologist and obtain the proper tests for MS (which take about two weeks to return from the lab). You reserve the right to be unsatisfied with our care, you also reserve to right to address your opinions in public, but please do not mislead readers.

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