Rating Feedback for Dr. Pabon (580046)

The rating:
'We waited anxiously for a long time to see Dr. Pabon. His staff in Sarasota was rude and harsh so we decided to go to his office in Naples which was much friendlier. When we sat down for the consult he asked why we didn't go to the Sarasota office. We explained the situation. He said he was insulted that we thought his Sarasota staff was rude, said he hires rigid people to meet deadlines, and if we had a problem with any of his staff we had a problem with him. We suggested perhaps the employee was simply having a bad day. He pointed to the door, opened it, and slapped our file on the receptionists desk. He said "I'm not taking them". Then walked away. I went outside and cried because we were so desperate for so long for fertility help and felt hopeless. We had never been treated so rudely. It turns out that we were already pregnant anyway! We beat the odds without him. Some doctors think they are God. Turns out God doesn't need doctors!Our baby is healthy and we are loving life!'
This is a patient that lives in Venice, Florida but came to see me in the Naples office. When I saw her I asked why she had driven to Naples. She explained that she did not like the Sarasota office staff. I told her that was quite unusual since the staff in our offices is very mature and cordial. I apologized to this patient for 20 minutes of our consultation. Then I decided that it was not going to get better since she kept complaining and would not accept my apology and move on. In my experience over the years, I have learned that one cannot please everyone all the time. Sometimes it is wiser to choose not to work with someone. Patients need to understand that the initial consultation is a two way interview. Physicians and surgeons have the right to refuse to treat a patient that is not in an emergent situation. I informed the couple that I did not wish to work with them. We refunded the consultation fees. I still feel that it was the right decision. I am happy that she succeeeded in achieving a pregnancy.