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'I would NOT recommend this doctor. My father is being treated for cancer and he is always trying to talk less and rush you out. Communication skills very poor - does not give much information voluntarily and he mumbles while talking. Asks questions already recorded on the doctor's chart (he should read!!). No compassion whatsoever. Very indecisive - we tried several treatments with no success and always unexpected surprises. Just running around in circles and with no progress. He recommended to try out a drug which he forgot we already tried out 11 months ago! I suspect a recent emergency case was a result of his mishandling - slow indecisiveness combined with wrong diagnosis - but I am still getting the facts to be fair. Always late on appointments. Nowhere to sit in his office. His office is falling apart too. He seems very much in demand probably because there is a shortage of urologists. Secretary is ok though, at least has patience.'
we do have the same negative dealing with this doctor. If you think your recent emergency was due to his indecisiveness and wrong diagnosis, you have the option to file complaint against him with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.

Dr. Mak caused extreme harm

Dr. Mak caused extreme harm and death to this patient. Lied in his operative report to cover things up but the CPSO is protecting him. Stop going to him. Read this blog:


If you have filed complaints

If you have filed complaints against Dr. Mak with the CPSO (College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario), the Ontario Hospital Association requests that you let the hospital where Dr. Mak practices in know about your filing.

The coldbloodsurgery blog on

The coldbloodsurgery blog on Dr. Victor Mak's surgical incompetence and professional misconduct and how he's again shielded by a culture of collusion has been updated.


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