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'Surgery was complication free and I healed up earlier than expected. I made a full recovery and credit Dr. Mak with saving my life. He is an excellent doctor and took great care with me, I simply cannot believe what some of the other posts written on here are implying. I definitely endorse Dr. Mak as a urologist and doctor.'
I am glad and happy for you of your recovery. Hope everything is fine with you now that you have found a doctor you trust and have faith in. I am the doctor who posted the "warning" post. I don't know whether you are a male or female patient. If you a male patient, I will pray for you because Dr. Mak literally has you balls in his hand. When the judgement day comes, the truth should reveal, until that day, bad doctors would go on treating innocent patients. Sometimes, I wonder if MD actually stands for Murderer Designated!

I would never endorse

I would never endorse incompetence and professional misconducts of any doctor.

Add this to “some of the

Add this to “some of the other posts”. They simply imply that Dr. Mak is an unsafe and dishonest doctor who has caused extreme harm and devastation to his patients, some led to premature deaths.

Go to the blog and “some of the other posts” to read patients and their family members’ incredibly horrifying experience with Dr. Mak when a family member is hurt or dies at his hands. They are facts not implications.

www.coldbloodsurgery.blogspot.ca (English)

www.acoldbloodsurgery.blogspot.ca (Chinese)

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