Rating Feedback for Dr. Oyama (2612291)

The rating:
'If you're on the hunt for a new doctor, look else where. Visit 1 - waited over an hour, even though I watched as walk-ins were accepted before me. Visit 2 - Didn't want the same thing to happen as visit one, so scheduled appt. 1 week in advance for the morning. The outcome? Waited in waiting room for over an hour, saw Dr. Oyama for the olypic trial run for fastest physical that lasted 20 minutes. I then asked if i could get a referral for a skin issue i was dealing with. Oyama's response "you'll have to make another appointment for that". - (This is completely against the code of conduct with the college of physicians btw.) And lastly, we have visit number 3 - I had already given up on this doctor at this point but was suffering from acute laryngitis and figured it was better than the medi-clinc (wrong). Waited in waiting room for 1 1/2 hours. Asked receptionist politely if they had forgotten about me? Which some how escalated into an argument. I will never return.'
Thankfully I wasn't the only one with the same experience as you, waiting forever for an appointment, watching walk-in's been taking before me. I had booked an appoitment for a medical and was told not enough time was booked for it, so I would have to book another appointment to do it. Mybe he doesn't realize we take time off work to see him as well? Came back the next week, and he was mad that the receptionist had booked it on one of his busy days, waiting a good hour while he took everyone else in the waiting room before me, plus a few walkins. The whole time I felt like he was rushing through everything, and that it was a big inconvience. When I tried to tell him how it was making me feel, he started arguing with me, that we were failing to communicate. I have never been back, found a great Dr in St Albert for my entire family.