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The rating:
'After 2 unsuccessful lumbar fusions in Indiana, I had severe pain in my back and left leg. I could not straighten up and walked with a cane. The IN neurosurgeon was ready to go back in to "tweak" his other work. We went to see Dr. McCord. He did the front and back surgeries. I can now stand up straight and have no pain. We consider the results as a physican-assisted miracle. He and his staff are amazing. They explained everything to us and answered all our questions. They are all very knowledgeable and at the same time very compassionate. We prayed that God would open a door and we had enough faith to walk through that door and we will always be thankful that we did.'
Thank you for taking the time to write your thoughts about your experience with Dr. McCord. Stories such as yours are his inspiration to continue striving to improve his specialty as a back and neck surgeon. I do believe that
God answers prayers. Many patients somehow find their way to Dr. McCord's office after disappointing treatments elsewhere, and they get wonderful results just as you did with Dr. McCord. May God continue to bless you.