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The rating:
'This doctor genuinely seemed very knowledgeable about what he diagnosed as problem and explained it in detail. Since surgery to cervical the "majority" of pain issue is gone however I have another problem that has increased in severity. I suffer from Occipital Neuropathy and this doctor can't seem to grasp what that is. But I feel he just isn't familiar with it and disregards it becuase of that. As I understand it, it is known that surgery in the cervical can bring this issue on or make it worse if already present. In my case it was already present and already diagnosed. I only recently discovered that it had been diagnosed back in 08' but never told to me by that doctor. Dr McCord is a good man who tries very hard to find and fix the problem. He just doesn't always have a happy ending. He is very helpful and listens closely to what I say and I feel he takes that into account. His one drawback is slowness in the legal paperwork sent out in timely manner.'
Thank you for your thorough comment.
It appears that you are better after seeing Dr. McCord, and that he took the time to educate you about your problem.
Many patients frequently make similar comments about Dr. McCord's effort to fully understand their issues by diligently listening to them before
giving understandable explanations about their diagnoses and treatment options.
Please accept his apology for any delays you experienced with paperwork, as the office is striving to become more efficient with the tremendous amount of medical
requests needing attention.
We appreciate the comment you posted and wish you all the best.