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'Dr Willimson was picked by our gestational surrogate for the twin pregnancy. He never even offered her to take non-invasive screening tests to check for chromosomal abnormalities. Throughout her entire pregnancy we were told that everything is great and that the babies are healthy. Fast forward to the delivery date: one of my daughters was born with Down Syndrome, and what was supposted to be the happiest day of our lives turned into a nightmare. I could not believe the lack of care and not following basic recommended standard of care practices. It's 2013 and things like this should not happen. The utter negligence of this doctor ruined our lives.'
Wow! First of all, Dr. Williamson is an amazing doctor. He is one of the most compassionate doctors that I have ever met.He truly cares about his patients. Second of all, Why is having a baby with Down Syndrome a nightmare and has ruined your lives? Who are you to say that child is a nightmare? You are an extremely cold and rude person. Any smart person would look at your post and think that you are heartless and you don't deserve a baby. A child with Down Syndrome is a blessing. They have the warmest hearts and are sweet. It wasnt negligence that ruined your lives, it was your heartless feelings for "YOUR" daughter that ruined your lives.