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'This doctor took only one hour to test my mother. From this he determined that my mom had early onset Alzheimer's. He told us he reported her to D.M.V. for revocation of her drivers license. If he had talked to her he would have know that mom cares for my 90 yr old blind cancer striken aunt. Her husband of 65 years just died, her eldest just lost his job, and her other son is going thru a devorce after 25 years. One hour, and he never ask her a question. Now she will have to spend the remainder of her life under what ammounts to house arrest with no drivers license. All because she was stressed. Dont see this man unless you want your info shared with the government. Remember, a diognosis of altzeimers could mean, no car, no gun ownership and so on.'
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A doctor does not need any

A doctor does not need any rate if he or she able to make his work done well. - Google Autocomplete

I have been practicing

I have been practicing neurology for over 27 years and diagnosing Alzheimer is a big part of my practice. I take this responsibility very seriously because having this diagnosis does affect a person's life significantly. I would never make this diagnosis without taking a careful history from the patient and their family. I would postpone committing to a diagnosis until I was sure if there was any doubt. I understand the disappointment expressed by the above reviewer. However, they did misrepresent the care I took in making the diagnosis. Unfortunately, in the state of California, any physician who diagnoses Alzheimers is required by law to report them to the government which triggers a driving evaluation. We have no discretion to not do that, or we could lose our license.

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