Rating Feedback for Dr. Emad (2421451)

The rating:
'went to Behzad Emad, md, for assistance in managing a chronic medical condition. appointment made a week in advance. arrived in office on time and had to wait as the day was obviously over booked. $320 as a cash patient was a lot of money to pay for less than 8 minutes of the doctor's time. in conclusion of the office visit, dr Emad gave me a referral for other services which at the same appointment i informed him i had tried and were unsuccessful in alleviating my condition. the dr seemed more interested in my often returning to his office for not inexpensive cash payments of $150, especially when he did not acknowledge my responses to his questions and he offered no assistance to me.'
Hello. We charge a nominal fee that covers the cost for the comprehensive work that we do to intake a new patient, including:

* Obtaining all the data related to a patient's current complaints and past history
* Comprehensive screening including Urine Drug Testing & obtaining a CURES report
* A comprehensive physical and neurological examination

Diagnostic tests are obtained to reach an accurate diagnosis and assess the patientâ??s condition.

From what you wrote, it sounds like we referred you to another specialist. We have, on occasion, done this when we felt it was in the best interest of the patient.

Please seriously consider our recommendation because it was backed by a very thorough investigation of your medical history. We wish you the best of luck.