Rating Feedback for Dr. Li (1455747)

The rating:
'We were not told that they only took cash. It is not noted anywhere in the office. Had to use a credit card. There seems to be no communication between doctors..seems there #1 treatment is prescribing pain meds and not trying to find out what the underling problem is. They blame everyone else for not furnishing them with the reports they need. Have had copy of my MRI in their office over 2 months which took 2 months for them to send to hospital for scheduling. Last month computers were down and couldn't read MRI report. Went in again the next visit and still had not read my report. Again, I feel that this office is in the business of giving out pain medication and not trying to determine the underlying cause of my pain. I was told to call today to find out the results of my MRI when I called there was no one available who could talk to me. I travel 4 hours each way to go to this clinic..waste of good time!!!!'
You do realize that you went to a PAIN CLINIC? which means that the purpose of the clinic is to relieve your pain, which shockingly includes pain meds!! It is not the primary responsibility of Dr Li to do diagnostics in your case. They are more than happy to help arrange those tests, should you need them, but perhaps you should go to your primary care doctor and/or neurologist (should spine/nerve issues be the cause of your pain.)

Dr Li is in the business of reducing/relieving pain. Any diagnostics they help to procure is because he's trying to help accommodate those who don't have the time/money to see many doctors