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The rating:
'My son has been going to this clinic for about 8 months. He was referred by his primary physician as a place where his back pain would be assessed and proper treatment recommended. After all this time, his treatment has been MORPHINE..nothing else has been tried or suggested. Now, he is not only still suffering extreme pain but is going through life changing issues due to the morphine. he wait to see the "doctor" is long, the staff does not seem to know a patient's history, the rooms are not always clean, very seldom do you see Dr. Li and when you do he is sympathetic, makes promises which do not seem to be kept.'
Your son is visiting a PAIN DOCTOR - not a neurologist or spine/nerve specialist. It is Dr. Li's job to treat the pain, which is where the medication comes in. If you explain that you would like further diagnostics and treatment, they will assist with that. Is he even aware that your son hasn't had diagnostics done to find the cause?