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'An amazing doctor. His receptionist stinks. I've been trying to get a requisition faxed to the lab for 15 days now and still nothing. The receptionist even made me look up the fax number and call her back with it. Ummm, isn't that your job? The only reason we are still going is because we like Dr Dhunnoo and a good pediatrician is hard to find. Receptionists on the other hand...'
I agree, an amazing doctor! Have been my special needs son's doc for the last 7 years. Dr. D knows how to talk to him or examine him without bothering him...BUT, his latest receptionist really doesn't deserve working for a great doc like Dr.D! She is not helpful at all, no appointments available ever, ok I understand he is a busy doctor. But for my son's dental surgery, he needed an examination done prior and my husband booked it in March for April last week. Since now a days they don't call to confirm like other clinics, I called today to do that. She said there is no appointment in April!!!! Now I have to wait for June. I am going to make sure Dr. Dhunno is aware of this when I see him.This is completely unfair. Why would I call a clinic if I had not taken an appointment to confirm! I do not want to loose Dr. Dhunnoo and that is only the reason why I put up with this ridiculous treatment from the staff.

As a medical office

As a medical office administator I can in fact tell you that NO it is not the receptionit's job to look up fax numbers for your prefered lab.

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