ratemds deletes bad reviews of doctors

Just a warning to everyone. This site deletes legitimate bad reviews of doctors, and there are multiple listing for some doctors. There's no way to fight it they'll probably just delete this.


MicOnTheNorthShore wrote:

Since RateMDs began in 2006, there have been successful actions by doctors for libelous statements posted here. Not many, but a few. It wasn't long ago that a dentist succeeded against a patient who had posted a defamatory review on RateMDs. Two years ago, a surgeon proceeded against a poster after he wrote that the surgeon murdered his mother.

Although there have been several proposed legal actions, to date only one has been remotely successful. A subpoena was issued for a single IP address. The next year the lawyer came back for more and was sent packing. Just like the other litigants.

Believe me, I do keep track of this sort of thing.