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The rating:
'NEVER AGAIN! I had oral surgery when I was 15. Dr Wittenberg and his staff tried to convince me I should get a nose job and a chin implant while I was in. Luckily my parents were there to say no. The surgery and recovery was horrific, and I spent 10 years dealing with the repercussions. After my surgery my jaw did not open at all, and my parents spent thousands of dollars on specialists and oral physiotherapy. I ended up having 2 more surgeries just to fix what Dr. Wittenberg had done.'
We are very sorry to hear this story. We always want to listen and help out if a problem arises and encourage an open discussion if there is anything wrong and certainly appreciate hearing so we can improve. We always follow our patients until the end of orthodontic treatment, well after surgery to ensure a good recovery. It is well understood that "jaw joints' can be genetically compromised when the lower jaw is underdeveloped and surgery does not promise to treat it; but only improve the bite. As well, we do not do rhinoplasty with jaw surgery and do not bring it up unless the family inquires. Also, we never use chin implants so we are a bit confused by this review. We do welcome feedback however and discuss all issues with our team. Thank you